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“GIFT GANDHI NGO” Date: 20th MAY 2013.
Flattery Teachers with flaunting advocacy, meaningless Educational Showy act, to their higher authority for sustaining or surviving in work or Job, this make them false and flay, which is actually, their inbuilt unreachable umbrage, which is not in favour of students growth, because of their stupefy type stupid rowdy blunt attitude, as a guide, mentor or teacher becomes more and more for their learners untrustworthy and cruel, while evaluating their students learn knowledge, which they have not taught, simply these type of guide, mentor or teachers are very, verily poor in their qualities, in relation to  educational appropriate skills and subjective knowledge in depth, what actually, their presence is for,  but their act with students are very verily polish as like they are noble by their profession, but actually they are greedy brandish, as said above mention their advocacy flaunting behavior in education, which is meaningless for their students but for them is their bread and butter. It is painful to know more about them, they are incapable acumen and smartly destroying the Nation. Think who have selected them for educational noble work? If teacher, guide, mentor or faculty is not a learner, than such said educational association cannot teach students and these type of teacher, guide, mentor or faculty strength is not less than above, in between 70% to 90% in all Design School. To understand this, such said as above mention guide, mentor, faculty or teacher, they gets 100% salary but they teaches less than 1% in classroom or Design studio truly, Demonstratively individually in length of design appropriate course but 99% they claim they are the best available guide, mentor, faculty or teachers in Design School, because they are too smart and smartly they hide their FLATTERY face, when-ever they face their Evaluation for their up gradation, which is conducted by their higher authority and mostly they face each other with same qualities and attitude, which both need for sustaining or surviving in work or Job, which is biggest flay strength of the nation in educational functioning bodies. The beauty of their presence in between them and their students is, they have enough stories for their goodness and design knowledge, which they proudly says to students, even though they cannot teach 1% as like, as they talk about them self.
Thanks GOD GIFT GANDHI NGO is safe by such as above said mention FALSE TEACHERS.
GIFT LEARNERS ARE NOT FOOLISH by any Means that is why they are great ENTREPRENURE.
All copy rights are reserved by GIFT: Gandhi Institute of Fashion and Textile and Prof. Khalid Ameer Rafique, Since Dated 1995.
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Gujarat INDIA.

Welcome to GIFT: Gandhi Institute of Fashion and Textile
GIFT First “Open Chapter” Date: Year 2013-2014.
“GIFT GANDHI NGO with RHYME Design Education, no Learner can escape of True Learning”

“Ask GIFT authority and present GIFT students, before paying any fee, how and what Gift will teach”
On completion of GIFT Fashion/Apparel or Textile Design Course in just six to seven months, Gift Each Learner carries with them Properly complete Fine Arts and Appropriate Design Subject learnt work, which have worth value in India, not less than Rs.700000/- and overseas above in Rs. 1600000/- beside this Designing Knowledge, Designing Skills and Future Good and more Good Life, for more detail read as mention underneath. Which GIFT learner and learner parent cannot DENY.

“When learning is matter for Fresh Learners, than why they care National, International or local National and International design institute and which university diploma or degree they provide after completing their Design course to their learners? No one can deny this GIFT is simply Local NGO Design Institute and just type in Google Search or in image, institute of fashion and textile in USA, CANADA, EUROPE or AHMEDABAD, GUJARAT INDIA and you will finds Local GIFT Institute all over in world without GIFT: Gandhi Institute of Fashion and Textile own Web Site Title Name, certainly GIFT will remain same as it is. If you looking for good and more good Design Institutes, just search with subjects name in Google, for example: institute of textile design, institute of fashion and textile or institute of fashion design in area or zone wise, district or states wise, country wise and Google will gives you right option by filtering net yellow page, this means net surfing is simple art and people needs just few tips.” And if you are looking just for institute tag certainly GIFT GANDHI NGO is not a tag, kindly forgive GIFT Institute.

Almighty “God”, Will Guides you if you are True Learner, for GIFT Design Education, which is 100% different and pure, in favor of appropriate Industry as well for GIFT learners, which world has recognized, that is why GIFT Biggest Design Courses can be learn in Short-term and in Part-time, Without Home work, Which various world IT Organization very, verily appreciated, for your PERUSAL, Google and you will find, GIFT: Gandhi Institute of Fashion and Textile: GIFT GANDHI NGO in Top 16 Design Institute in the World and rated best No.1, for short term part time Design Education, for its Largest Design Course Abstract  and in INDIA Since last 10 Years is remain in Top Seven Design Institute and it will remain or may be better than now, if our Polices, Mission, Objectives and Teaching Methods keep Improving in Favor of Learners and Design Education without Diplomacy and Politics, by the grace of “GOD” almighty.

 “World’s First, No.1, Short Term Part Time Design Institute of Fashion/Apparel and Textile” See this link for GIFT happenings:
GIFT POWER FULL DIPLOMA CERTIFICATE IS HIGHLY STRONG AND HAVE RECOGNIZATION ABOVE, THAN ANY DEEM OR PRIVATE UNIVERSITIES, National Status Design Institutes which is funded by Indian Ministry, because GIFT is known to its true design education in the world, by virtue of GOD Almighty, that is why GIFT Students ENTREPRENURE are highly successful and firm in their PROFESSION.

Prof. Khalid, Founder of GIFT, DOES NOT BELIEVE TO HAVE ANY GIFT: Gandhi Institute of Fashion and Textile BRANCHES. History shows that any tom, dick and harry Design Institute if have many branches, has lost the sheen and means of education and their purpose becomes to generate finance of their own lustrous pleasure full living and they simply play with false promises around young students life. Such said institutes arrange campus interview by inviting cooperate industry with To and Fro package and lodging boarding, which is bear by students only and industry people are smart enough, without spending any penny, they are able to select best one or two out of hundred candidates and same story is repeating continuously every year. This is the way, these said Institute claim better job placement of their students and it is true? “Every glitter is not gold”. Think from where GIFT can get True Teachers, Guides and Mentor if we have GIFT Branches, as per GIFT Standard which means at present only “ONE GIFT” in Ahmedabad, Gujarat India. NOTE: There is no competition in between, teachers and learners in GIFT class room, due to this, total transformation of knowledge and mental health takes shape, in learners mind with soul character of learning design subject and such learning, never gets erase from learners mind, because this merges in learners bloods, which travels with oxygen in each portion of that said individuals soul living, due to this is syllogism, GIFT Teaches, 70 Tailor made Ethnic Western and Fusion garments as per Learners Measurement in Short term, this can be learn in GIFT ONLY, Plus GIFT Design teacher, teaches individually, demonstratively skill fully as often as needed by learners individually in GIFT Design Studio, beside this GIFT GANDHI NGO Teachers check individually learners Design concepts and guidely correct, every day, where it is, beside GIFT? GIFT teaches 20 to 25 students a year.  For more detail click this link and for Gift Foundation course

Achievement’s of GIFT since 1995

Accomplishment of Gift recognition, gradually enhance and Conquest Hortatoriously in True Exotic Futuristic very, verily and consciously in Favor of the GIFT Learner’s Growth and Mental knowledgeable Health, this Adroit Mission Fully Willed, which Objectize Ethos Path Enigma and its Essence are actually Effusively Elicited, for which GIFT is known. Beside GIFT Design Education and GIFT learners Shows of which they Made in Class-room/Design Studio or Design Work-shop, Indian Ethnic Garments, Western Garments, Fusion Garments, Design Craft, Design Arts, Fine Arts, Textile Prints and Home Textile Made-up Décor, other-wise GIFT Learners does not have any Extra Foolish Activities in their total learning, because GIFT follows such as…..

Magnetizing Art as like Sorcerers, Splashing Wonderful Thoughts,
With Meaningful Abstract Ideas of Heart,
As like Clever Crow’s Mind Sort,
As like Continuous Directional Tortoise Walk,
Without giving up Attitude, as like Confused Fox,
That gives Way to GIFT STUDENTS TROT. By Prof. Khalid


GIFT Short Term Part Time, 31 Days FOUNDATION PROGRAMME of 3 to 5 Hour a Day in 6 days a week Learning Professionally, Technically, Practically, Skill Fully, 100% Individually, Demonstratively is MORE THAN a year, Design Education programme for National Status Design Institute, which may be  funded by government or other wise of the World’s respected different funding bodies, such as Bill  Gates Foundation, Azim Premji Foundation, Ford Foundation, UN Foundation or Aditya Birlaji Foundation etc, but GIFT Foundation Design Education is more appropriate, accurate and actually acumen idiom for FASHION, TEXTILE, APPAREL, JEWELLERY, FASHION AND LIFE ACCESSORY AND HOME TEXTILE DESIGN INTERIOR DÉCOR COURSES and its strength of Major Design Courses are far beyond to others imagination and Understanding, because GIFT Basic Design Courses idiom in Each Design Faculty Discipline teaching and Fresh Learners Learning, which gets transform in each learner, mind Soul living, than think about, what GIFT GANDHI NGO Design Education is, which above than its adequate acumen in GIFT learners life moldings. This is due to Prof, Khalid Ameer Rafique, Mohammed Rafique, Hussain Fateh Ali, ten years research before launching GIFT in 1995, with expertise of 14 years work experience of repute industry such as Arvind Mills Ahmedabad, Jaya Shree Textile Linen Mills Rishra West Bengal “Pioneers of Linen Fabric Designing in India”, Raymond’s Mills Thane for Worsted Suiting, Gujarat Spinning Mills Amletha etc and fourteen years experience with NID as a visiting and full time faculty and since 1995 teaching at GIFT, etc in Ahmedabad.

NOTE: “GIFT’S FIRST OPEN CHAPTER ACCOUNT YEAR 2013 - 2014 ” GIFT Teaches in Part Time biggest FASHION/APPAREL AND TEXTILE DESIGN Course, in Short Term Professionally, Technically, Practically, Individually, Skill Fully, 100% Demonstratively very, verily patience full with enough BRITHING SPACE in between to each Design Subject, which is 34% More than NID or NIFT Status Design Institute their full time regular design course Abstract, where which their learner learning duration is approximately not less than three, four or five years after school in India and world too, in addition to that GIFT  Fashion or Textile Design Educational Fee is 1600% Less in INDIA and in other develop nation is many times more, with too Provided In-House to each GIFT Student such as Total Learning Materials, Folios, Tools and all Work-Shops Appropriate Machines etc and due that, while learning  Fashion/Apparel or Textile Design at GIFT, they uses 70% more Designing Material in just 6 to 7 months, beside that, their 772% Learning Time is less, since 1995 to current year 2013-2014. When knowledge is concern, than who cares about of which Design Institute diploma or degree certificate you possess by appropriate industry, where you apply for job. That is why “GIFT NGO STUDENTS ARE NOT FOOLISH” Ahmedabad, Gujarat India. See this link    

NOTE: Ask GIFT authority before paying any fee of any Design Course, what GIFT will teach in their course abstract and how? It is very important for fresh admission seekers, not the Design Education FEE. If you pays each semester Rs.25000/- or Rs.50000/- or 100000/- or 200000/- or may be more, for any Design Course with status of Design Educational National Institutes and not learn professionally, than you will regret. Why to regret? At least ask question before joining GIFT, because it is your right.
Thanks GOD GIFT GANDHI NGO is safe from flattery guide teachers and from their flaunting advocacy, meaningless showy act, which is untrustworthy cruel and stupefy type stupidly blunt, for this act they gets 100% salary and for their 1% teaching in design studio or class room demonstrative and individually, is their educational noble charitable act. Thanks God, GIFT LEARNERS ARE NOT FOOLISH By any means.

For more detail check Blog:
GIFT GANDHI NGO Design Education means, 100% guarantee of Each Design Subjects perfectly and appropriately learning by each GIFT learner, as per GIFT COURSE ABSTRACT and GIFT make sure to each Fresh GIFT Learner will be Design Master on completion of GIFT Design Course, which is only possible at GIFT, because GIFT each learner utilizes 70% more learning material in just 6 to 7 months, than any known National Institute status learner utilizes in 3 to 5 years in their learning.
50 years ago opening Educational Institute was very tough TASK in India, but present scenario is different, it is vice-versa. 50 years ago, True and honest teachers were teaching in all Educational Institute, but today Education scenario is different. From where we can arrange, good honest teacher, Guide and Mentor for Fresh Learners, it is no doubt, is a tough task and if we gets, they ask Salary above in Rs.1,60,000/- every month plus other perks, because if they practice professionally as a entrepreneur, they can earn more. That means GIFT one True Faculty is equal to other Institute 10 Faculty, GIFT DESIGN EDUCATION means only Education and Learners Growth by all MEANS. For more detail of GIFT FASHION/APPAREL Design course see this link and for SARI DESIGN

GIFT Education of Design Skills and Knowledge with communication Power, what else Learner needs. GIFT Design Education is pure and true and far better, than any-one can imagine. And best part of GIFT GANDHI NGO Design Education is, GIFT each learner spends approximately  16 Lakh LESS in Indian Rupees for Fashion/Apparel or Textile Design Education and they learn BEST in the world [16th April 2013] which no one can Deny.

NOTE: GIFT Graduates will NEVER Conduct GIFT Admission Entrance Exam Coaching Classes, this Circumstances are not possible for GIFT GRADUATES, because they know how to spin money by their profession appropriately for their LIVELY-HOOD, BREAD and BUTTER, and they are very sound to verily professional Entrepreneur, but for National Institute status graduates,  professional seen is different and vice-versa. For more detail log on GIFT BLOGS LINKS as follows: for Textile Design and for Textile Print Tessellation of Designing for your Perusal.

The above said achievement is due to GIFT Policies, Objective and Mission in Favor of each GIFT Learners to PROVIDE FOR TOTAL LEARNING MATERIALS as per each Design Course Abstract Appropriately IN HOUSE and due to this GIFT EACH LEARNER EXPLORES EMPIRICALLY, BURDEN LESS without any Hesitation and Hindrance TILL they get EXPERTISE in their learning subject. They too SAVE TIME, ENERGY, with enough breathing space in their learning for professional accomplishment at GIFT, from one Design Subject to another and COST too, because GIFT BUYS IN BULK for GIFT Learners, as required appropriate total Design Subjects learning materials, Tools and Folios. GIFT knows that “No Fresh Learner Brings BEST LEARNING MATERIALS for their learning, due to LESS CONFIDENCE in them” That is why GIFT Provides. For Example GIFT PROVIDES RUBY, ARVIND MILLS FINISH FABRIC and BANARAS BROCADE of their learning 70, tailor made Indian Ethnic, Western and Fusion Garments as per their MESUREMENT, the TRUE Cost of the  Fabric is begin from Rs. 70/- to Rs. 520/- per meter in BULK BUYING, other-wise in retail cost will be 25 to 34% more. These HIGH END GARMENTS stitching cost is not LESS THAN Rs. 34000/- in Ahmedabad, Gujarat {May be Ahmedabad tailor will not be able to stitch such GIFT High End Tailor Made garments} and in Delhi or Mumbai will be above Rs. 70000/- in account year 2013-2014, then  think how FRESH learner will take such RISK IN LEARNING, but when GIFT provides ALL LEARNING MATERIALS in House, they ENJOY learning of HIGH END GARMENTS and when they WEAR SUCH OUTFITS,  then charm is different can be seen on their faces and they save above 16,0000/- to 25,0000/- LAKH and Learning Time and 3 to 4 Years for one design course too, this is the CONFIDENCE GIFT LEARNERS ENJOY.

GIFT Gandhi NGO Institute, presently TURNOVER is less than NID status Director Salary and Perks, even though GIFT Design Education Standard, Learning Facilities are Appropriate for Industries and GIFT faculty, Guide and Mentor are more knowledgeable and experienced than National Status Design Institutes, funded by any ministry of government or other-wise in the Worlds Funding Bodies [2013-2014].

 “All Learnt and made things while learning at GIFT is for Learners and they carry with them to utilize appropriately in their life”

“After Learning at GIFT GANDHI NGO, Learners can dig their own well for WATER” than where is the question of sitting idle and gossip, what a Design Institute is GIFT, think?

GIFT Admission Eligibility norms from 16th April 2013 as follows:
GIFT will charge Rs.2500/-only for 3 Hours a day and four days teaching in GIFT Class-room/design studio to GIFT admission seekers Individually with as above said mention Methods, the GIFT first Foundation Design course, Which is Colour Transparent Character of art with soft tools, to check their abilities of grasping knowledge skill fully and if they are able to learn and become textile surface Design artist in 12 to 16 Hours, as per GIFT Design Education standard, as shown in this GIFT BLOG and certainly they will get admission and paid amount Rs. 2500/- will be adjust in their fee, other-wise the learnt stuff and folio, will be given to them cordially, according to GIFT Polices, Mission and Objectives. Than think how GIFT can Deny Admission for TRUE Fresh Admission Seeker.

At Beginning of the GIFT in 1995, First text of GIFT Web Site:
GIFT GANDHI NGO is the only Institute, where under professional banner Design Education is not PROFIT ORIENTED. GIFT is Named after Mahatma Gandhi one of the Foremost Architects of MODERN INDIA.
GIFT has been launched in order to create a Platform for those who wish to Learn Fashion, Apparel, Textile, Home Fashion Textile Interior Décor, Jewellery, Home Textile, Fashion Accessory and Life Accessory Designing with no barriers of Education Background and Language.
GIFT Ideology of Imparting Knowledge Honestly in the Simplest Manner Professionally, Technically, Practically, Skill Fully, 100% Individually, Demonstratively while Teaching in Class room and Design Studio, which makes it Easier for each GIFT Learner Student to LEARN GIFT Enormous Design Course Abstract which is Immense, Vast, Biggest, Huge, Large, Wide, Module Idiom of Short Term Part Time Designing Courses RAPIDLY. Thus GIFT Follow the Meaningful Result Oriented System in Accordance to GIFT Mission, GIFT Objective and GIFT Teaching Methods. While Talking about Professionalism, the Concept of SELF – RELIANCE COMES IN which means GIFT Learners have to Practice the “LEARN and EARN” Policy.
All copy rights are reserved by GIFT: Gandhi Institute of Fashion and Textile and Prof. Khalid Ameer Rafique, Since Dated 1995.

+91 9825698294
+91 79 26463702
White Cross Building,
15 Patel Society, Near CII Building, 2nd Lane From Panchvati to Gulbaitekra Road, Gulbaitekra,
Ahmedabad 380006
Gujarat INDIA.